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Art Business FAQs
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For Artists and Commissioners. Ask questions, talk about everything regarding art and commissions.

This community is for artists and commissioners with questions regarding the art as a business (business being used loosely).
Various topics can include, but are not limited to:
TOS questions/problems.
A minor transaction hiccup that is not severe.
Phrasing replies/questions.
Technique and medium questions/discussions.
Money handling/tax info.
Promoting discussions.
Questions about your pricing/work.
Talk regarding views on art business found in books.
And more!

I want this group to be a safe place to encourage open discussion and research, and to ask questions.


1. This is NOT Artist Beware, we do not take beware/warning posts, so leave names out of it. If the question is about a problem or issue that is developing, and you are asked to prove it BECAUSE it seems so unlikely or confusing, you MUST remove the name of the other party. If both parties step forward of their own free will, than that is one thing.
I do not want a rumor mill to come from this community.

2. No flaming, harassing, trolling, personal insults. Debates can get heated, but if it falls into personal attacks and baiting, it's gone too far.

2A.Racial, homophobic/transphobic slurs of any kind are not allowed.

3. Do not delete posts, freeze, or comment lock your posts. This is a place for discussion. Discussion can not proceed if that happens.

4. Keep images moderately sized and under cut after the first one. Unless if they're small/tiny. Then a few (meaning 3), isn't bad. Past that even on small ones, cut please!

5. NSFW images must be under a cut, marked as such, and trigger warnings must be applied if required.

6. Do not put down someone's quality or pricing. Polite and light suggestions are fine, proper critique is fine IF asked for. Unhelpful comments and blatant put downs regarding such, are not.

Those who break the rules will receive warnings and bans as needed, for however long is believed to be appropriate.


As with rule #1, this group is not meant to be Artist Beware 2.0. This group is for discussions, questions, and help to hopefully take next steps before resorting to the next step. If suggestions for issues given have not helped, you are encouraged to proceed to Artist Beware.

I would like to encourage people to try to put personal feelings towards something in a different paragraph when needed. Your personal feelings, beliefs, and morals are your own. Evidence to the contrary of them may not change your personal views, but you may accept that something does have some value.

This community is not to be used as a weapon for blackmail. This community is not to encourage a game of telephone. If you have any questions about subjects that you may have heard about here, please resort back to the original post if possible. Posts won't be deleted, but I understand they can be hard to find at times when post numbers get up there.

And if anyone ever have any concerns at all, or can see a possible future problem where rules may need adjusting, PLEASE, feel free to contact me at once. I fully believe in preventing issues, after all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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