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Paypal Rights Grab? RE:Updated User Agreement
ginkaruja wrote in artbizfaqs

With Paypal's update coming, people have spotted some concerning language.

When providing us with content or posting content (in each case for publication, whether on- or off-line) using the Services, you grant the PayPal Group a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicensable (through multiple tiers) right to exercise any and all copyright, publicity, trademarks, database rights and intellectual property rights you have in the content, in any media known now or in the future.

Now, I'm not feeling as if the sky is falling with this, but I AM side-eyeing.  How such legalese is meant to be used for, and how it ends up being used for, can be two vastly different things.

In the comments to this article:

You will find a comment near the bottom that has a reply from paypal:

"Hi, my name is [name] and I am glad you contacted us once more so I can shed light regarding our policy update.

Let me put your mind at ease that the copyright of your book will not be owned by PayPal when you use our service to receive payments. We only have an update for intellectual property, letting you know that you are authorising PayPal to use it for our website. The best example for this is by letting our customers or buyers know that we cater different merchants by using their logos in front of our website or PayPal app."

I am not sure how to feel about that.

There is another article here:

I, overall, have no idea what to think about this.

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What they say makes sense actually.

It is the same reason Deviantart has a similar policy. They need permission to show things on their front pages (logos etc).

I know it is a bit scary though.

It's totally normal. Every site has a policy like this. Nothing bad is happening.

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