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What is the ONE piece of advice you would give new artists?
ginkaruja wrote in artbizfaqs
One, only one. 

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Quality materials do make things less frustrating, no matter what anyone says.

Practice as much as possible.

Develop a thick skin, fast.

Ignore the naysayers and keep drawing.

Learn to accept helpful critiques.

This is a good one!

When you start taking commissions, do not offer "payment on completion". It's just asking for trouble.

References and tutorials are your friends, but not a magic wand to replace practice and time.

if you hate drawing something, draw it as much as you can.

Reference is not a dirty word.

Try again and again and again .

This was advice given to me and though I haven't always followed it, I feel better when I do and that is - Draw something EVERY DAY. Doesn't have to be a masterpiece, doesn't have to be finished, it just has to be done.

Draw everyday - make it a habit even if the picture's not something you like in the end. Keep trying.

Never give up. No matter what you think of your work, you will always improve - and no matter what anyone says to you, make your work stronger, better. Because, only you control your art.

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