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ginkaruja wrote in artbizfaqs

Found some colored pencils that you just love?  How about paints that have the body and flow you've been dreaming of?  Or pens that make inking less frustrating?

Post your reviews here!

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Faber-Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils

I don't have many at this point, but the few colors I do have, have not only been a testament to the sturdiness of the brand, but have proven themselves to be worthy of their price in their cost effectiveness alone.

I mentioned sturdiness? Oh yes! Yes indeed! The yellow I have has been with me since 2006, toted around in bags, boxes, tightly and loose packed. Been dropped, shaken, and been in multiple moves and conventions. Not a single sign of breakage ever. Where Prismas apparently break if you look at them too hard (tip I just learned though with Prismas and their breaking, a short stint in the microwave or being heated with a hair dryer/heat gun will remelt the wax and repair breaks....supposedly anyway).

Cost effective? They're harder than Prismas. This hardness means you're not going to be sharpening as much, they hold a point longer, generally lasting longer. Also, no excessive crumbling of the tip. I've noticed I just don't wear them down as quickly as I do Prismas.

Other points to mention? Polychromos are an oil based color pencil, and thus you're not going to have to deal with wax bloom (which is a common problem with heavy layering in Prismas). Polychromos seem like their lightfastness ratings are generally just better than Prisma's. And they do work well with Prismas, so you don't have to feel bad about getting them before you run out of Prismas. The colors are fantastic and rich, the laydown is wonderful. One down side is that they can smudge a bit.

Apparently Polys also erase well for a colored pencil. Which I'm not sure if I've noticed because of the awesomeness that Moo erasers are, but more than one person has mentioned this and with the feel of the pencils, I can see it being true.

While I've clearly become disappointed with Prisma (which since they moved production a while back, people have noticed a decrease in quality), I don't hate them, I just want Polys to be my main colored pencils, and then supplement with Prismas instead of the other way around.

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