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Terms of Service
kitsumi wrote in artbizfaqs
Hello everyone, I thought there might have been an entry on TOSes, but I guess not so here we go! I don't have a TOS drawn up, for either my fandom work or my professional work. Interestingly enough most of my fandom commissions I have had no issues with, but professionally, oh boy. I think it is time to get the fine print up so I don't have to worry about the day when things might not go so smoothly. This will also help clear things up for potential clients, as well as cut down on me repeating myself.

I am wondering if there are any available resources that I can base my TOS on? I know most folks write up their own and customize, but I figure why re-invent the wheel, and I can modify/build upon it as well. I'm sure a quick google search will turn up things, but I also figure this would be a good journal entry for artists (and customers) to refer to and familiarize themselves with in the future! Thanks in advance. :)


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