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Dealing with young customers?
calicofeathers wrote in artbizfaqs
So I very much understand the liabilities that go along with dealing with customers under 18. In my ToS I say "By agreeing to these terms you submit that you are at least 18 years of age. If you would like a commission and you are under the age limit, I would be happy to work with your parent or legal guardian." But now that I'm actually in a position where someone under 18 wants to commission me, I'm nervous. How exactly should I go about being sure their parent is okay with it/overseeing the transaction? Pretty much any way of contact (email, phone, etc) is easy enough to fake for a resourceful teen. And I know I spent my childhood lying about my age on the net. Is an email "contract" signed by their parent enough to keep me out of trouble should things go south? Or should I just revise my ToS to state that I don't work with anyone under 18 period?

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